Garage Flooring


One of the first things you should do to your garage is take care of the floor. You'll be amazed at how different your garage feels when you can complete a project without getting dirty because the bare concrete isn't holding dirt like a sponge getting your knees black every time you kneel down.

If your concrete floor is in good condition, or even has some minor cracks, I would recommend going with an epoxy floor. Epoxy is what you'll see on many car dealership floors, and it's the easiest to keep clean. It looks fantastic and comes in about 50 different color choices with another 40 options of chip colors. We even have black light sensitive chips if you want your garage to look crazy cool at night.

You can find epoxy at most hardware stores, but be careful what you buy, there's a big difference between what you can get at your local hardware store and what the pro's use. We carry solvent based epoxy with a high solids count because it's much more durable than the water based epoxy you'll find most places. You will need a respirator when you're working with our epoxy, we're shipping you real chemicals that need to evaporate to cure, and they are strong. Your garage floor takes a lot of abuse, and you want it to last a long time, so we're not going to sell you a simple water based epoxy that's about as durable as a can of paint.

We have assembled full kits with all the chemicals you need to prepare and complete the project of putting down epoxy on your garage floor. From start to finish the project takes about a week because of the curing times needed between steps, the outside temperature and humidity play a part in exactly how long it will take. Preparation of your concrete is key. Using our etch and clean included in our kits will not only clean the contaminants from your concrete, but will also slightly chew away at the concrete leaving it with a surface that resembles 100 grit sand paper. This rough surface is what the epoxy needs to grip the concrete floor. Next you apply a coat of primer. Then you roll on the actual epoxy, which is the fun part because this is where you change the whole look of your garage with the color you've chosen. While the epoxy is still wet, you have the option of sprinkling paint chips onto it. The paint chips can add a different color, or many colors, to your floor instead of just one solid epoxy color. Finally you finish off the floor with a clear topcoat which adds an extra layer of protection and shine. If you really like the shiny floor look, you can put down multiple layers of the clear topcoat until your floor looks like a freshly Zamboni'd ice rink.

If that sounds like too much work, or maybe your concrete floor is cracked and rough, or you just don't like the look of epoxy, there's a much easier solution that you can complete in less than a day. We carry interlocking polypropylene tiles that are the heaviest tiles of their kind. These tiles are specifically made for the garage and won't crack if you drop a tool on them. If your concrete floor is in rough condition, because these tiles are not bonded to the floor and just float on top of the concrete, cracks and chips in the concrete won't really matter.

We have a new garage floor designer on our web site that will allow you to type in your floor dimensions, then it will display a grid where you can click and choose tile colors so you can create a custom floor design just for your garage. Once you figure out the design, you can save it, order the correct amount of the tile colors, and when they arrive at your garage you can pull up your saved design and actually make it happen on your floor. We've seen everything from simple checkered floor designs, to different colored walkways and workstation areas, to highlighting the areas around cherished cars to make your garage look like a car show.

These tiles come in three different designs. Ribbed tiles not only give a stunning look, but also add in extra grip so you'll never have a slippery garage floor again. Diamond tiles have a lifted pattern to them that resembles diamond plate diamonds. Grated tiles allow for drainage through the tiles which works especially well if you have floor drains in your garage, you can literally wash your car in your garage without getting your shoes soaked! You can cut these tiles with simple saws to fit them around pipes or permanent structures, and we also carry edge molding to give a finished lip to the tiles at your garage door.

And as always, we're here to help you with your garage. Make it easy on yourself and just give us a call right here in Chicago at 800-736-9308 with any questions you may have about your garage floor.

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