6 Inch Solo Stainless Steel Drawer

6 Inch Solo Stainless Steel Drawer

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Item Number: #17714

Here is a standard Single 6" Solo Stainless Steel Storage Drawer. This is a 6" drawer that is able to hold the whole gauntlet of items, from tools, to silverware, to cleaning supplies.

This stainless steel cabinet series is designed to go together with a single screw driver in minutes and be rearranged without a second thought. By strategically hinging out elements,we save production costs, shipping costs, and frustration caused at assembly. Our Cabinets are designed with a hinge cylinder system which match up and are secured with steel hinge rods which slip easily into the hinge cylinder for quick and easy assembly. This is for a single piece.

19 Gauge Steel Main Body
Stainless Steel Drawer Front/Powdercoated Black Sides & Rear
Total Drawer Width = 30"
Total Drawer Height = 6"
Total Drawer Depth = 24"

Single 6" Solo Storage Drawer Stainless Steel Cabinet Includes

  • (1) Case
  • (1) 6" Drawer
  • (1) Lockset
  • (4) Single E-Clips
  • (4) Double E-Clips
  • (1) Drawer Handle
  • Self-Closing Drawer Glides

Item Number: #17714

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