7,000lb High Ceiling Car Storage Lift

7,000lb High Ceiling Car Storage Lift

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Item Number: #16474

7,000lb High Ceiling Car Storage Lift

For a complete manual on this PL-7000XR lift click here


  • Independent lifting structures allow for staggered offset installation
  • NEMA rated weatherproof electrical connections seal out water and dirt
  • Freestanding design reduces tax and permit liability in most countries
  • Power unit provides smooth, quiet hydraulic operation
  • Designed for installation on typical parking surfaces
  • Durable construction for maximum stability
  • Galvanized drip-proof platform protects bottom vehicle
  • Automatic safety locks on each column spaced 3" apart
  • Maintenance-free composite carriage bearing
  • Maintenance-free self-lubricating chain rollers
  • Wide base-plate mounts directly on grade, even on asphalt
  • No special site preparation required for installation


  • Lifting Capacity: 7,000 lbs (3175 kg)
  • Maximum Wheelbase: 145" (3683 mm)
  • Lock Positions: 10
  • Bottom Clearance: (First Lock Position)57" (1143 mm)
  • Inside Columns: 95" (2413 mm)
  • Height Overall: 131-1/2" (3035mm)
  • Rise Overall: 85" (1854 mm)
  • Bottom Leg Length: 144" (3658 mm)
  • Width Overall: 103-1/2" (2629 mm)
  • Platform Width: 88"
  • Length Overall: 165" (4191 mm)
  • Weight: 2540.00

Typical Garage Ceiling Heights:

  • Two Compact Cars/ Low Profile Sport Cars: 114" / 2896 mm. (9.5 ft)
  • Two Full Size Cars: 120" / 3048 mm. (10 ft)
  • One Full Size Car/One SUV: 138" / 3505 mm. (11.5 ft)

This car lift does not require any special concrete and can even be placed on asphalt.

Determining Garage/Lift/Car Storage Heights:

This unit features manual locks and does not require an air supply to disengage them.

This lift will arrive at your location on a flat bed semi truck. If you want to unload the lift at your home garage, we suggest calling up a tow truck company that has a tow truck with a boom on the back that is capable of hoisting the lift off the shipping truck when it arrives. It is the customers responsibility to have the necessary equipment to off-load the lift upon delivery.

Detailed Photos:

  • Lift Side View

Item Number: #16474

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