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Express Car Wax - 1 gal

Express Car Wax - 1 gal
Express Car Wax - 1 gal
  • Est delivery : Jun 3 - Jun 7
  • Model: 77774

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Express Car Wax is a one step liquid car wax and can be used on conventional or clear coat paints. Removes road film, grease, tar, and bugs, giving your car the care it needs. Leaves no buffer marks, powder residue or streaking on black cars. Hides swirl marks and light scratches. Can be used under the sun and on semi-wet cars coming out of a car wash tunnel.

1 Gallon size


  • Apply evenly, spreading a thin amount onto the surface using a wax applicator and let it haze.
  • Buff off with a clean, soft cloth or microfiber towel until desired shine is achieved.

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