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Dual Garage Laser Park

Dual Garage Laser Park

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It is very easy to crash your car when parking in your garage. Whether You have a high end sports car car or a every day grocery getter. This is the newest in our line of laser assists. The lasers automatically turns on when it see's the motion of your vehicle. Point the lasers at certain points on your car and know where to stop. This comes in a nice stylish white finish.


  • Perfect for two car garages.
  • Laser shines onto your vehicle to precisely guide you to the correct spot. Helps prevent damage to your car and your garage from faulty parking. Installs easily.
  • Simply attach to your garage ceiling with included hook-&-loop tape or screws.
  • Automatically activates when your vehicle enters the garage.
  • Powered by included 110 Volt AC adapter.

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