Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

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Item Number: #23344

Ready? Set? GO! This Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat will provide lightweight performance when you need to go fast. This is a high performance and race ready composite toilet seat that only a true car guy can appreciate. Hand layered carbon is set around a premoulded foam core and only the finest epoxy resin system and 550,000 psi tensile carbon fiber is used to fabricate this seat. The carbon fiber is custom woven in a 2x2 twill pattern that provides the nicest looking weave, as seen in Indy cars and Fighter planes. Makes a great gift for the car guys that are always on the run!

These seats are normally built per order and a lead time of 4-6 weeks should be expected.


  • Fits Regular Household Toilets
  • Real Carbon Fiber
  • Outside Width = 14.5"
  • Length to hinge center line = 16.5"
  • Inside of egg shape is 10" x 8.25"
  • Hinges are made of brass that has triple chrome plating.

Item Number: #23344

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