Clear Epoxy Topcoat

Clear Epoxy Topcoat

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Much of our competition does not offer a clear top coat. We have found that the topcoat is completely necessary. Applying the topcoat will seal in the chips, provide the high gloss sheen and add yet another protective layer to your floor. When we have installed floors without the clear top coat we have found that yellowing is most likely to occur. Even light traffic can cause the chips to curl or discolor. In most cases dirt and debris gets easily lodged around the chips.

Mix ratio: 2 parts A to 1 part B by volume


.75 gal - 200 to 300 sq ft

1.5 gal - 400 to 500 sq ft

15 gal - 4,500 sq ft

For instructions on applying this solvent borne epoxy kit, click here

Item Number: #72236

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