Custom Textured Vinyl Bar Stools

Custom Textured Vinyl Bar Stools

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Item Number: #77407

These custom leather bar stools the finest in custom textured vinylseating. They can come in basically any vinyl color and style you can think of. We have a options for colors and textures. The frame is made of chrome coated steel.

  • 15.5" Wide
  • 16" Long
  • 27.25 Tall, or 21.25"
  • Comfort cell foam cusion
  • Ergonomically shaped to fit the curve of your body
  • Swivel Top
  • Color options listed below.

Metal Flake Vinyl Green

Metal Flake vinyl Gold

Metal Flake Fuschia

Metal Flake Vinyl Charcoal

Metal Flake Vinyl Burgundy

Metal Flake Vinyl Blue


Carbon Fiber Vinyl Yellow

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Silver

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Red

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Charcoal

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Blue

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Black


Camo Vinyl

Black Grabber

Asphaly Vinyl



Made in U.S.A

Item Number: #77407

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