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Red Car Bar Table

This Red Car Bar Table is designed for performance and racing style for your bar, garage, lounge or even office area. Unlike normal bar tables, it features a tempered glass table top, a race shift knob that allows you to shift your height settings, and a race suspension spring with a steering wheel foot rest. Show off your automotive style with this rev-matching bar table!


  • Color: Red Tempered Glass
  • Table Top Dimensions: 32" W
  • Height 39 inches
  • 18" W Adjustable Steering Wheel Foot Rest
  • 26" W Track Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Table Weight: 57 lbs.


  • Sonic-Welded Glass to Base Connection
  • Billet Aluminum Shift Knob for Height Adjustment
  • Racing Suspension Spring
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel Foot Rest
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

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