Epoxy Floor Protector Strips

Epoxy Floor Protector Strips

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Item Number: #71953
Epoxy Floor Protector Strips add 50-mils of protection for your Garage Mat, expensive epoxy floor, painted floor or concrete. Tire Chains and Studded Snow Tires, designed to bite into snow and ice, also bite into and wear down your Garage Mat or garage floor. Protector Strips add a layer between your Tire Chains or Studded Snow Tires and your flooring, helping to protect your investment.
  • Heavy Duty 50-mil Vinyl
  • Available in Gray
  • 23" Wide
  • Sold in Pairs
Caution: Protector Strips are Slippery When Wet. Use Caution if walking on the Protector Strips.
Note: While Protector Strips add a layer of protection, Protector Strips must be inspected frequently and replace when worn through. The manufacturer does not warrant or guarantee that Protector Strips will indefinitely protect you garage flooring.

Item Number: #71953

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