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1500 sq ft kit of Industrial Grade Solvent Based Epoxy Floor Coating

1500 sq ft kit of Industrial Grade Solvent Based Epoxy Floor Coating
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1500 sq ft kit of Industrial Grade Solvent Based Epoxy Floor Coating
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The 1500 sq ft Industrial Grade Solvent-based Epoxy Floor Coating kit comes with your choice of Epoxy color and materials to cover the area. This industrial grade solvent-based epoxy is used for a longer lasting, more durable garage floor coating. This floor coating has a higher solids count than most solvent-based epoxies and is much more durable than the water-based epoxies available at most retail stores.

Due to the custom color tinting process, which is done after the order is placed, this product cannot be returned. Please consider this before purchasing it. 

For full instructions on applying this solvent borne epoxy kit, click here

If you select a bright color, you may need 2 coats of the epoxy in order to fully color the concrete. You can purchase additional 2 part epoxy coating here Note that certain colors require more pigment, which is why there is an additional charge.

Epoxy paint chips are NOT included in the kit but are available for purchase if desired.

Check out the metallic epoxy if you are looking for a product that works on an interior area like a basement or a commercial building.

The 1500 sq ft Industrial Grade Solvent-based Epoxy Floor Coating kit includes the below items. These kits include enough of each material to complete a 1500 sq foot area, however each chemical has a different size coverage amount. 

  • 3 - Epoxy Etch and Clean. Etch and clean is a water-reducible phosphoric acid and detergent blend formulated to both clean and prepare concrete, masonry, steel, galvanized and zinc surfaces for coating, staining and sealing. Etch and clean is an economical concentration which can be mixed readily with water and diluted if necessary. Etch and clean reduces preparation time and cuts labor costs by eliminating the separate pre-cleaning and rinsing operation before etching. 1 gallon per 500 square feet of bare concrete diluted 50/50 with hot water. Enough Etch and Clean is included to complete a 1500 sq foot area.
  • 3 - Epoxy Penetrating Sealer. Use this epoxy coat primer and concrete sealer after etching but before putting down the epoxy coating. This is a high performance two-component chemically-cured 100% solids epoxy penetrating sealer. This coat will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the epoxy process by penetrating and sealing the concrete. Each kit covers 500 square feet. 
  • 4 - 2 gallon kit of Industrial Grade Solvent-Based Epoxy Flooring Material. Each kit consists of 1 full gallon of part A epoxy floor (the pigment) and 1 full gallon of part B epoxy floor (the converter.) Each 2 Part kit covers up to 400 square feet of garage floor. Enough epoxy is included for a 1600 sq foot area. Remember the brighter colors may require additional coats to achieve full coverage.  

  • 3 - Clear Epoxy Topcoat. Much of our competition does not offer a clear top coat. We have found that the topcoat is completely necessary. Applying the topcoat will seal in the chips, provide the high gloss sheen and add yet another protective layer to your floor. Floors without the clear topcoat are more likely to see yellowing occur, have the chips curl or discolor and in most cases, dirt and debris gets easily lodged around the chips. The 1.5 gallon kit covers 500 square feet. Enough topcoat is included for a 1500 sq foot area. 

This garage floor coating is solvent-based. The solvent count is low so the fumes aren't too volatile, but good ventilation is highly recommended. The whole process takes roughly a week to complete and approximately two additional weeks to fully cure. Read the full instructions before beginning.  For full instructions on applying this solvent borne epoxy kit, click here

Below is a brief outline of the process and some important tips for success.  


If the concrete is not prepared properly, the epoxy may not adhere completely to the concrete and eventually peel up. We recommend that you start the process by renting a floor grinder, which you typically connect to a garden hose. Grind down the surface of the floor until it looks like 100 grit sandpaper. After grinding the floor, the next step is to apply the Etch and Clean, which is a mild acid solution to further remove any contaminants. Once the concrete is dry, you can put down the pre-prime chemical, which seals the concrete and sets a primer coat for the best possible epoxy adhesion. Once the pre-prime has dried to a tacky touch, you can move onto the actual epoxy application. 

Epoxy application:

Make sure there is good ventilation. Wear a respirartor. Wear spiked shoes. Have a 5 gallon bucket for mixing the part A and part B. Have a sturdy stick to get the epoxy out of the cans. It will not easily pour out.  Use the same stick for mixing part A and part B in the 5 gallon bucket. We recommend using something stronger than a paint stick. It will be about the consistency of peanut butter. Use Xylene to thin the epoxy. Remember once you mix the epoxy, you have a limited amount of time to apply it to the floor before the chemicals get too hard to use. Once the epoxy is applied, and before it’s fully cured, add paint chips.  Ventilate the area for a few days after you put the epoxy down. Do not use an open flame or a heater in the area. The fumes can be flammable. Do not use in-floor heating while the epoxy is curing.


After the epoxy is cured, apply the topcoat. The topcoat seals the floor and gives it a shine. After the process is complete, remember that you should wait roughly two weeks before parking a car on the floor. 

To read more about the process, click here.

 *NOTE: This product should be used within 6 months of purchase and stored inside (away from sunlight) at an optimal temperature of 70 degrees until application.

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