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Deluxe Indoor Normal Car Washing Platform

Deluxe Indoor Normal Car Washing Platform

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This Deluxe Indoor Normal Car Washing Platform works by containing and collecting the water used when washing your car so it can be pumped out. It takes advantage of the natural slope of a most garage floors (normally out, toward the driveway) to pool the water in a pump basin. The pump's "suction head" is placed in the pump basin. Water is pumped out down to 1/8" water height. The Deluxe Platform comes with everything the Standard Platform includes plus additional platform segments to fill the center section. This makes for an easier walking surface, more platform weight (for stability), more torsional stability (for turning your steering wheel on the platform), and a better appearance. Recommended for vehicles above 3500lbs, and heavy/commercial users that drive onto the platform more than twice a day Perfect for the car guy that wants to keep their car clean no matter what time of the year it is.

Suction Pumps are sold separately and are required for use.

  • Easy to install, use, and maintain.
  • Allows washer to keep feet dry -not walking in a puddle of water.
  • Tough, able to support normal cars, and withstand extreme climates, road salt, and car washing detergents.
  • Physically heavy, inherently stable, and torsionally strong enough to stay in place so one can drive onto and off of it everyday, and stay in place even when the car is steering on top of the platform.
  • Contains the water and most of the "splash" caused by gently washing and rinsing a car or truck. For protection, the garage floor must be kept dry.
  • Allows the user to take advantage of the garage floor slope so as to pool the water and pump it through a hose to anywhere the user choose.


  • Dimensions: 16'3" L X 9'6" W X 2" H
  • Water Containment Mat
  • Grid Interlocking Platform Segments
  • Solid Interlocking Platform Segments
  • Stainless Steel Clips
  • Interlocking Ramps
  • Size of kit is rounded from Metric to Feet/Inches.
  • Ramps add 6" to total kit length.
  • Recommended for vehicles above 3500lbs
  • Suction pump required for use. (Sold separately)

Note: If you have a car longer than a 2006+ Honda Civic, you will need a Standard or Deluxe Indoor Large Car Washing Platform (19'6"). Suction Pumps are sold separately and are required for use.

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