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Standard Self Priming Suction Pump

Standard Self Priming Suction Pump

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This Standard Self Priming Suction Pump is powered by a compact but powerful 115 volt motor and is designed for use with our Car Washing Platforms. The included suction set allows drainage down to 1/8". A bronze plated pump provides long life and resists thread damage common to alternative plastic models. Includes 6' suction hose, water suction attachment and replacement parts kit.

  • Gallon/Minute: 5.67
  • Gallon/Hour: 340
  • Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 3/4" (garden hose)
  • Total Head Lift (max height water can be lifted): 30 feet
  • 115 Volts
  • Heavy-duty bronze plated pump housing

Note: This pump is not designed to work in freezing conditions, or to pump debris larger than fine sand. For freezing conditions and larger debris, we recommends the Freeze & Debris Pump.

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