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Obsidian Silver Basecoat With Tears of The Gods Effect Metallic Epoxy

Obsidian Silver Basecoat With Tears of The Gods Effect Metallic Epoxy
Made in the USA
Obsidian Silver Basecoat With Tears of The Gods Effect Metallic Epoxy
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Are you looking for the latest in epoxy flooring technology? This is a high solid epoxy flooring that works with chemical reactions to make a design like never seen before.  This is the Obsidian Silver Basecoat With Tears of The Gods Effect. This industrial grade solvent-based epoxy is used for a longer lasting, more durable garage floor coating. This floor coating has a higher solids count than most solvent-based epoxies and is much more durable than the water-based epoxies you'll find at most stores.

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• Etch N' Clean Solution - Cleaner & Concrete Profiler

• Norklad WB Primer - Primer Coat

• Pure Metallic - Basecoat Epoxy

• Pure Metallic Colored Effects Kits

• 1 Pair Spike Shoes

Clear coat Options: HWU 420 Urethane provides an eggshell-textured, satin finish with wear resistance for garages or the Norklad 100-UV clear coat  for interior gives the floor depth as well as a high gloss sheen for basements, home gyms, etc.

This garage floor coating is solvent-based. The solvent count is low so the fumes aren't too volatile, but good ventilation is highly recommended. This Catalyzed Polyamide Epoxy is great for industrial or high performance architectural coating (HIPAC) applications. For use on properly prepared masonry, concrete, and steel surfaces. Ideal for garage floors and in the hard service areas of schools, correctional facilities, commercial areas and restaurants.

Special Qualifications: Performance alternate for Federal Specifications TT-C-550, TT-C-535B, MIL-C-22750F, and MIL-P-23377F Type I.

Finish: Semi-Gloss

Reduction Solvent: T-10 Thinner. For application over aged alkyds use T-5 Thinner or Xylene.

Clean-up Solvent: T-10 Thinner

Chemical Resistance: (ASTM D 1308 - 24 hr. contact) - Excellent. Resists splash and spillage of alkalis, salts, moisture, oils, greases, food stuffs, and detergents, 50% 3, 25% citric acid, 25% lactic acid, 10% sulfuric acid, crude oil, 10% hydrochloric acid, 20% tannic acid, 5% sodium chloride, 10% ammonium hydroxide, sewage, 50% ethanol, gasoline, methanol, kerosene, naphtha, xylol. All results based on testing of system comprised of two coats of DEVRAN 224HS at 4 mils (100 microns) DFT per coat.

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