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Sand Basecoat With Sand Effects Metallic Epoxy

Sand Basecoat With Sand Effects Metallic Epoxy
Made in the USA
Sand Basecoat With Sand Effects Metallic Epoxy
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Metallic epoxy flooring with effects will create a unique and artistic look for your floor. This is a high solid epoxy flooring that works with chemical reactions to make a creative design for your floor space.  This is the Sand Basecoat With Sand Effects Metallic Epoxy. This industrial grade solvent-based epoxy has a higher solids count than most solvent-based epoxies and is more durable than the water-based epoxies sold at most hardware stores.

This metallic epoxy floor coating is solvent-based. The solvent count is low so the fumes are not that volatile, but good ventilation is highly recommended. This epoxy is ideal for garage floors, basements and commercial buildings. The final look of your floor will be unique and based on your individual application technique. Note that sunlight and UV lighting will degrade this floor coating. If you are looking for a more durable epoxy, consider our solid color epoxy flooring.

Due to the custom color tinting process, which is done after the order is placed, this product cannot be returned. Please consider this before purchasing it. 

For instructions on applying this metallic epoxy kit, click here


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Clear coat options: HWU 420 Urethane (garage top coat) provides an eggshell-textured, satin finish with wear resistance for garages or the Norklad 100-UV (interior top coat) gives the floor depth as well as a high gloss sheen for basements, home gyms, bars,etc.

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