Folding and Stacking Tire Rack for 28 to 50 Tires

Folding and Stacking Tire Rack for 28 to 50 Tires

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Item Number: #71970

This folding tire rack is for passenger and light truck tires and is much more versitile than pallet racking or mezzanines often used in tire warehouses. You can easily stack and move these racks around with a fork lift allowing you to easily rearrange your floor space. Each rack can hold 28 to 32 tires stored on the treads, or if you remove the middle bars you can interlace 40 to 50 tires for extra storage. Interlacing tires gives you 35% more storage area, but it is usually better to store the same size tire when interlacing them. These racks are great to have folded down at your loading dock, and once loaded can be fork lifted into place in your warehouse.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 71 1/2 X 49 1/2 X 68 1/2
  • Tire capacity 28 to 50
  • Load capacity 2400 lbs
  • Max. Stacked (open) 5
  • Max. Stacked (closed) 22
  • Weight 250 lb.
  • Color Orange

Item Number: #71970

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