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Ulti-mate Closet Cabinet Wall Cleat Set

Ulti-mate Closet Cabinet Wall Cleat Set
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Ulti-mate Closet Cabinet Wall Cleat Set
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The optional set of 2 wall cleats is used for the Ulti-mate Garage closet cabinets to ensure the cabinets will stay in place and not tip. One set of 2 cleats is used on each closet cabinet. They are constructed of particle board with a grey laminate coating. The closet cabinets are not designed to be only hung only from the wall and do require the included feet also be under the closet cabinet. 

NOTE: Do not use these wall cleats without the supporting feet under the closet cabinet. 

  • Dimensions: 32.25 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 3/4 inches thick each
  • Constructed of particle board
  • Finished with grey laminate 
  • These French cleats are designed to prevent the Ulti-mate closet cabinets from moving or tipping. Do not use these French cleats without the supporting legs under the cabinet. 

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