6' Modular Aluminum Cabinets

6' Modular Aluminum Cabinets

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Item Number: #76721


  • Qty 2 40" x 24" x 36" Base Cabinets with one adjustable shelf each
  • Qty 2 18" x 11" x 36" Wall Cabinets 72″ Wide Stainless Steel Countertop, 24″ deep (For Premium Upgrade)
  • 72″ Wide Aluminum Countertop, 24″ deep (For Basic Package)

All Cabinets Come With:

  • Clear anodized and sealed front frames
  • 4″ Toe Kick Risers
  • Countertop included as specified and shown
  • One adjustable shelf with every base cabinet
  • One adjustable shelf with every wall cabinet 24″ high or taller
  • Chrome Textured Trigger Latches
  • Bottoms With Every Closet and Base Cabinet
  • High Gloss Finish

Premium Upgraded Cabinets Also Have:

  • Backs with every closet, base, and wall cabinet
  • One cloths hanger pole with every closet
  • Clear Anodized under cabinet light shield
  • .075" thick Stainless Steel, or 1 3/4" Butcher Block Countertop

Item Number: #76721

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