Parts Bin Cabinet

Parts Bin Cabinet

Cabinet Bins: 
Toe Kick Riser: 

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Item Number: #16907

Heres an aluminum cabinet with a drawer that contains part bins to organize your garage.

  • Small parts drawer on top.
  • Handles and front frames are clear anodized for good looks and durability.
  • Complete with choice of plastic removable part bins:
    • (15) Bins 4" H x 11.5" D x 6.6" W
    • (25) Bins 4" H x 11.5" D x 4.1" W
  • Smooth ball bearing drawer slides
  • Precision hardware and integrated frame construction provides greatest strength available. (no welds to crack)
  • Thumb lock and positive drawer latch mechanism keeps all drawers closed and allows locking with one key.
  • Extra rigid integrated frames are high quality aluminum with double reinforced corners.
  • Optional 4" Toe Kick is recessed 2" from front of cabinet for easy floor cleaning and comfortable foot space when standing in front of cabinets. The riser also allows for easy adjustment between riser and base cabinet to compensate for uneven floors. (Due to the fact that garage floors are not level, cabinets require height adjustments to keep them even.) The 4" Toe Kick Riser is installed on the floor for a clean look and no gap between cabinet and floor. Height adjustment is then made between the riser and cabinet, where it can not be seen for a neat and clean looking installation.
  • Countertop is not included and is sold seperately. We offer your choice of Aluminum or Stainless Steel Countertop for this unit.

Item Number: #16907

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