Racer Portable Pit Stop Ramp

Racer Portable Pit Stop Ramp

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Item Number: #67375

This Racer Portable Pit Stop Ramp is a multi-purpose ramp that is able to be used for pit crew work, normal maintenance or displaying your vehicle. Each side of the ramp weighs a total of 175 lbs with no removable part weighing over 40 lbs. The Racer Portable Pit Stop Ramp has an angle of 10 degrees and raises the vehicle 14" high. The car platform is able to accommodate a wheel base from 98" to 110" wide. Constructed of a light weight polystyrene material that is slip-resistant and will not scratch or dent the surface it is on. When not in use this pit stop ramp can be stacked in a 65" high space for storage. The difference between this Racer Portable Pit Stop Ramp and the Portable Pit Stop Ramp is the included front and rear removable cutouts large enough to fit a scale that is 15" wide and 2.5" tall.


  • Up to 18.5 feet Assembled
  • Up to 111 Inch Wheel Base
  • 16 Inches Wide
  • 14 Inch lift Height
  • Has Cut-outs for Scale Use (Scales Not Included)
  • Can be stacked for easy and quick storage


  • Special construction, won't scratch or mark your floors!
  • Works on virtually any surface, including sand!
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and maneuver
  • Solid core, no holes or hollows for your favorite spider to live in!
  • Unscootable! Won't slip or slide, no matter the surface

Truck FreightAssembly Required

Item Number: #67375

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