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Stainless Steel LocBoard Cart With 66 Hooks And 6 Bins

Stainless Steel LocBoard Cart With 66 Hooks And 6 Bins
Stainless Steel LocBoard Cart With 66 Hooks And 6 Bins
  • Est delivery : Dec 16 - Dec 22
  • Model: 77592

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48 In. L x 46 In. H x 26-5/8 In. W Stainless Steel Frame SS LocBoard Tool Cart with Tray, 66 pc Stainless Steel LocHook Asst & 6 Hanging Bins

Stainless Steel LocBoard® Mobile Tool Carts offer the most secure and durable way to transport tools, supplies and parts anywhere within a facility. Stainless LocHook® 60000 series keep tools and items safe and securely in place. Dual-sided storage allows users to organize, manage and store precision tools, hand tools and equipment without clutter.
  • Pull handle and durable neoprene casters (2 fixed and 2 swivel locking) make it easy to transport the carts across flat surfaces
  • Narrow base allows the user to transport tools around tight corners and through narrow door openings
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel bottom tray provides 8 Sq. Ft. of additional storage space
  • 28.3 Sq. Ft. of storage surface
  • 60000 series Stainless Steel LocHooks lock to the board with heavy duty 2 and 4-point locking tabs providing the most secure locking mechanism available on any pegboard system, easily repositioned as requirements change with no damage
  • Stainless Steel LocBoard is formed using a sturdy boxed construction providing years of heavy duty holding strength for large, heavy and odd shaped items
  • Manufacturer 2 year limited warranty
  • Shipping box size: 51 inches deep by 6 inches tall by 38 inches wide
  • Shipping weight: 124 lbs.

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