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Attic Lift Platform Enclosure

Attic Lift Platform Enclosure
Made in the USA
Attic Lift Platform Enclosure
  • Est delivery : Sep 28 - Oct 4
  • Model: 21470

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This Attic Lift Platform Enclosure consists of two fixed end panels and two hinged ramp doors. The ramp doors serve as loading ramps when lowered and as enclosure doors when raised and latched providing containment walls for items placed on the lifting platform. These walls are especially useful for lifting a variety of loose, unstable objects like firewood, groceries, canned goods, small packages, etc. When lowered, the ramp door becomes a loading ramp that makes it easy to roll wheeled storage bins, carts, dollies, and other items onto the lifting platform in the garage. 

Attic Lift and cart is not included.


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