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Aluminum Wheel Dollies

Aluminum Wheel Dollies
Made in the USA
Aluminum Wheel Dollies
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  • Model: 16103

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This set of 4 Aluminum Wheel Dollies feature a stylish 1/4" thick, 10" x 16" wide aluminum surface with grooved top surfaces. They are made of aluminum so there is no rust or paint chipping and they are light and easy to handle.

All models come standard with our Made in the U.S.A. ball bearing swivel caster which has a 3" non-marring wheel and is equipped with a lubristic wheel bearing (bushing). The capacity of the caster is 4500 lbs. per dolly set. This caster rolls with one half the effort of our competition's caster that has no wheel bearing and a softer wheel material.

We've developed a unique upgraded caster option. Our upgrade caster wheel is the result of an intensive year long development effort. It represents the finest quality available. This optional caster features ball bearing swivels, roller wheel bearings, a larger 3 1/2" non-marring wheel, a larger caster frame, a wheel brake (one per dolly) and a grease fitting. The load limit of our dollies using this upgrade caster is 6000 lbs. per dolly set. This high rating of casters gives you the ultimate in rollability and durability. The caster upgrade option is recommended for any car and is highly recommended for vehicles weighing over 3500lbs. 10lbs each with standard casters 12lbs with upgraded casters.

Once assembled, each dolly is approximately 5 inches tall using either caster option.

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