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2000 lb Single Column Storage Lift

2000 lb Single Column Storage Lift
2000 lb Single Column Storage Lift
  • Est delivery : Nov 23 - Dec 3
  • Model: 71292

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Do you need space in your garage? This handy single post storage lift is perfect to put things like lawn mowers, or motorcycles. Do you have a snowmobile that is always in your way? This is the storage solution. Simply park on the lift press the button and it is out of your way.


  • 2,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Takes up a minimum of space.
  • Offers a maximum of storage.
  • Park front of car under platform for full use of garage space
  • Large storage platform 57 7/8" of clearance under platform
  • Column height 83 1/2"
  • Platform stucture dimensions 64-1/2″W x 52-5/8″D
  • Power 115V – 15 Amp 1Ph
  • Optional wheel vise available

For A Full Manual and specs click here for a complete PDF on this lift

Concrete Requirements: 4" Min. Thickness / 3,000 PSI

Typical Garage Ceiling Heights:
Two Compact Cars/ Low Profile Sport Cars: 114" / 2896 mm. (9.5 ft)
Two Full Size Cars: 120" / 3048 mm. (10 ft)
One Full Size Car/One SUV: 138" / 3505 mm. (11.5 ft)

This lift will arrive at your location on a flat bed semi truck. If you want to unload the lift at your home garage, we suggest calling up a tow truck company that has a tow truck with a boom on the back that is capable of hoisting the lift off the shipping truck when it arrives. It is the customers responsibility to have the necessary equipment to off-load the lift upon delivery.

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