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26 Pc Interlocking Poly Bins Yellow

26 Pc Interlocking Poly Bins Yellow
26 Pc Interlocking Poly Bins Yellow
  • Est delivery : Oct 29 - Nov 4
  • Model: 77526

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The revolutionary LocBin wall mount bin and rail system offers a complete, secure and cost effective plastic bin wall storage solution. LocBins are versatile and sturdy for garage, shop or office. Sort and store small parts, hardware, tool accessories, craft and hobby items and more. LocBin wall storage system eliminates expensive louvered panels. The kit contains everything required for installation. Bins lock together from the bottom and use the interlocking rail system. The top hanging bin for each row attaches to the wall mount rail and the stacked and interlocked bins remain attached to one another. Contents will not mix, shift or spill. Storing and organizing small parts using garage, shop and hobby room walls is quick and simple. LocBin wall systems take five minutes to install and adding LocBins takes seconds. Customize a bin storage system for any room with this total storage solution. The LocBin can solve just about any organizational problem. Storage problem with ease.

  • 5-3/8 In. L x 4-1/8 In. W x 3 In
  • Wall Mount Rails 8-3/4 In. L with Hardware, 2 Pk
  • The exclusive LocBin hanging bins have an interlocking feature guaranteeing bins will stay attached locked together when mounted on wall mount rail
  • Wall mount rail system replaces expensive steel louvered panel systems and has (2) 8-3/4 In. rails that can be installed side by side or separately
  • LocBin wall mount system includes 24 yellow commercial grade plastic bins and 2 wall mount rails - bins can be added to expand the system
  • Each row of bins can be removed from the wall mount rail, taken to the job site and re-attached to the wall mount rail an unlimited number of times
  • LocBin wall mount bin system includes wall hangers, mounting hardware and bins that attach and mount to the rails and hold up to 30 lbs per system
  • Manufacturer 2 year limited warranty
  • Shipping box size: 11.5 inches deep by 12.125 inches tall by 8.875 inches wide
  • Shipping weight: 5.18 lbs.

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