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Adjustable Tire Storage Rack

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This Adjustable Tire Storage Rack is a great solution for storing all types of tires in your garage. From seasonal, recreational, ATV, or race tires and wheels, it will meed the need. The installation is simple. The rail attaches to the wall studs on finished or unfinished walls and the rack clips into the rail. This Adjustable Tire Rack accommodates various tire sizes as the telescoping, support bars adjust in width and depth. Made entirely of strong, durable steel. The load capacity is 400 pounds.


  • Adjustable to 66" W x 28" H x 28.5" D
  • Will handle up to 35 inch tires
  • Strong, safe, and secure all steel construction
  • Easily attaches to wall
  • Attractive, scratch resistant finish
  • Weight: 52 lbs.
  • Adjustable width from 34" to 58"

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