Car Storage

Car Storage

Out of room in your garage for that third vehicle? Or just need a place outside to store some odds and ends? Our outdoor, portable car storage shelters will work in any situation. It is like having another garage.

Being a portable outdoor shelter, the framework that supports the car shelter is made of heavy duty galvanized steel tubing, not cheap aluminum. The interior is coated with an corrosion preventing chemicals, so you don't have to worry that the poles will rust out from the inside. The outer coating is even better, with corrosion preventing protection, with a clear coat to keep the poles protected.

The outer fabric on all our portable garages are unmatched in strength and durability. The fabric used in these portable garages is a triple stack, weave style that are heat welded together for added strength. The insides are white, to allow light to be reflected on the inside, instead of the normal black or blue that doesn't allow for much light to be reflected. The middle layer, called the Inner Black Scrim that blocks 100% of outside sunlight from getting through. This protects the fabric from the harmful rays of the Sun, as well of anything you put under the portable garage.

All hardware to assemble these outdoor portable garages comes with the units, including a quick assembly wrench. All of the holes have been drilled, tie downs are there. The only thing required for assembly is you and your two hands to put the unit together. Depending on the workforce, you can have your portable garage up in no time.

These portable garage storage units will work for anyone who needs just that little bit more space for fire wood or another car. With the strength and durability of these stand along structures, they can last in the environment for a very long time.

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