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Your garage is a very large portion of your home, and you probably visit it at least twice a day. Let us help you make the garage another room in your house that you'll actually enjoy visiting, just give us a call at 800-736-9308 and speak to someone here in Chicago who specializes in shipping garage cabinets to homes and businesses around the world.

I'd like you to imagine your kitchen without cabinets. How would you store all your pots, appliances, and silverware? It's no different in your garage, you need cabinets in your garage so that you can neatly store your tools and hobbies behind closed doors. Without cabinets, everything ends up stacked in a mess, your garage looks cluttered, and instead of a functional storage space you've got a disaster you trip over every time you try and get in your car.

We offer a huge selection of different types of cabinets designed specifically for the garage. Even the least expensive cabinet we carry is going to be stronger than your normal kitchen cabinet, built to take abuse in your garage. We even offer cabinets that can be custom built out of metal to match the contours of your garage and they can be powder coated to match the color of your favorite car. So no matter what your budget, or what you do in your garage, we have the cabinets sets to best suit you.

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These are the top of the line custom aluminum cabinets and are the same cabinets used by many professional race teams. These heavy duty aluminum cabinets are made in the USA and can be configured to fit your exact storage space, they can even be powder coated to match the color of your car. If you're looking for a custom cabinets that not only look good, but are designed to take a beating in the most demanding garages, these are the cabinets for you.

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Diamond plate garage cabinets can make the biggest impact on your garage with the least amount of work. Real diamond plate is made from aluminum so it doesn't rust or rot (unlike the fake diamond plate you see elsewhere.) These diamond plate cabinets are made in the USA and come fully assembled. Order one of the 8 foot wide diamond plate kits, slide it into your garage, plug it in, and you're done.

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Stainless steel cabinets are a great way to dress up any room in your house, not only the garage. These stainless cabinets come with stainless steel doors and 19 gauge powder coated steel backs and shelves making them extremely strong and durable. These cabinets are shipped flat saving a lot of shipping costs and are easily assembled with only a screwdriver. Available in kits up to 20 feet wide.

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These Red and Black Metal Cabinets ship to you fully assembled. They are constructed of welded and powder coated heavy duty steel. Doors are welded to continuous heavy-duty piano hinges complete with locks. Solid rubber bumpers and casters complete all base cabinets and lockers. Drawers are on ball bearing glides. These cabinet doors are available in red, tan, black and stainless steel. Made in the USA.

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Made in the USA, these Black Metal Cabinets are a great choice for your garage storage. These are sturdy steel cabinets are shipped to you fully assembled. The black powder coat finish on these cabinets not only give them a great look, but also protect them from the elements. If you're looking for sturdy black metal cabinets that are fully welded with piano hinge doors these are perfect for your garage, shop, or business.

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Strong durability and an eye catching powdercoated finish make these Blue and Black Metal Cabinets a must buy for those wanting to organize their workspace. The cabinets feature an all steel welded construction, heavy-duty piano hinges complete with locks on doors, ball bearing glides on drawer cabinets and solid rubber bumpers with heavy-duty casters on all base cabinets and lockers. They ship to you fully assembled and are made in the USA.

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These Grey and Black Metal Cabinets offer a more traditional metal cabinet appearance while providing a long lasting storage solution allowing you to organize your work area effectively. They're made in the USA and ship fully assembled to your door. The cabinets feature an all steel welded construction, heavy-duty piano hinges complete with locks on doors, ball bearing glides on drawer cabinets and solid rubber bumpers with heavy-duty casters on all base cabinets and lockers.

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For strong metal cabinets that will add a classy touch to your finished garage, the Sandstone Metal Cabinets line is for you. The Sandstone door color of these metal cabinets hides dirt well and keeps a neutral tone. These cabinets come fully assembled. They are welded and powdercoated heavy duty steel with a full piano hinged door. These cabinet doors are available in red, tan, black and stainless steel. Made in the USA.

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Featured here with stainless steel doors, we also carry these metal cabinets with red or tan doors too. These are fully welded cabinets with a black powdercoated steel frames built in the USA. For strong metal cabinets with a shiny stainless clean look, these are a great option.

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If you're looking for the ultimate in sleek cabinets, take a look at these polished stainless steel cabinets. These cabinets turn your garage into a showroom and are also great for doctors' offices and laboratories. Made in the USA with a polished stainless steel exterior and aluminum framework, these cabinets ship fully assembled and arrive to your garage on a truck ready for years of use. Because these cabinets are made with stainless steel and aluminum, they are highly resistant to rust and corrosion so they work great in locations where the cabinets may come into contact with water or high humidity.

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For an inexpensive way to add storage to your garage, these are the Ultimate Cabinets. Stronger than normal kitchen cabinets, these are perfect for hiding your clutter and doing light garage work. This line is constructed of 3/4" polyurethane coated MDF (multi-density fiberboard) with a thermofused laminate. The radius profile on the doors and cabinets give a clean custom look. For strong inexpensive good looking storage suited for most homes, these are the ultimate choice.

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This cabinet line has powder coated silver doors, but they are also available with stainless steel doors. Stainless costs more and tends to show fingerprints, whereas these powder coated silver doors are a cheaper option for this cabinet lineup that hide dirt better. Made with 19 gauge steel and easily assembled with a screwdriver.

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These cabinets have metallic finished polyurethane coated doors and drawer fronts over 3/4" MDF with a thermofused PVC laminate finish. The roller bearing drawer glides are rated to 100 lbs. The fully laminated 1" shelves with heavy duty PVC shelf brackets have a load rating of 200lbs. For great looking inexpensive cabinets, you can't beat these.

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These wood cabinets come with the option of six different melamine finishes: almond, gray, camouflage, white, light maple, and dark wood grain. Made of solid 3/4" furniture-grade particle board these cabinets can bear loads up to 300 lbs. The cabinets are ideal for both the do-it-yourself enthusiasts and dealers in the garage remodeling business.

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The starfire white-pearl metallic flake PVC laminate that is on the doors of these cabinets is like no other. Although appearing white overall, a metallic flake is in the clear coat giving these cabinets a bit of an extra zip. These cabinets are constructed with 3/4" MDF having a radius profile edges for extra style. Shelves have 100 lb load ratings. Drawers have ball bearing glides. These are a great option for dressing up a garage for a great price.

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If you're looking for wood grain to finish your garage, this is the cabinet lineup for you. These are inexpensive cabinets that convert a small footprint in your garage into a storage system that covers all your stuff with beautiful wood grain doors. Adjustable legs are included and allow for easy leveling during installation and provide added protection against water damage, insects and rodents. Comes complete with everything needed for assembly.

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Modular aluminum cabinets come with precision pre-punched holes for ease of installation with simple tools. Because these cabinets are aluminum, the cabinets will not rot or rust like wood or steel. For a custom look with heavy duty cabinets, these are a terrific option. These aluminum cabinets are precision made in the USA.

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This stainless cabinet lineup has many tool box options with a matching wall cabinet and workbench. If you know you want a stainless steel tool box, take a look here at some of our package sets that will get you matching stainless wall cabinets and workbenches to really dress up your garage or workshop.

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Lighten up your garage workspace with these white metal cabinets! All steel welded construction, heavy-duty piano hinges complete with locks, and a high quality durable powder coated finish ensure these white metal cabinets will last for a very long time. They ship to you fully assembled making installation easy and time saving. Made in the USA.

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These Gladiator Premier Cabinets are shipped fully assembled and require little to no setup time making garage organization an easy task. They go through rigorous testing procedure to ensure they maintain their performance no matter what climate they're placed in. The cabinets are solidly welded with heavy gauge steel while the durable industrial styling compliments any environment. Made in the USA.

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Take advantage of your storage space and keep things organized with these gray steel storage cabinets Made from heavy gauge, all steel with uni-body construction, these storage cabinets are tough enough to handle a fast paced warehouse or garage environment but have an eye catching powdercoated two tone look for break rooms, employee lounges and retail storage. They come assembled and are ready for duty.

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Organization is essential to a functional garage or workshop and that's what these tan steel storage cabinets offer for your space. They require no assembly making them ready for duty and feature a heavy gauge all steel uni-body construction with a powdercoated two tone finish that provides a fresh contemporary look.

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These heavy duty diamond plate garage cabinets can hold anything from tools and parts to a keg. Built with a steel frame and diamond plate aluminum panels, these cabinets are made to take a beating and will look great doing it. For complete garage entertainment, check out the optional televisions, grills, and keg fridges built into these cabinets.

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Full stainless steel cabinets are virtually indestructible and will not rust or rot. These are industrial grade stainless steel cabinets and workstations you see in places like manufacturing and food processing. If you need the strength and durability of full stainless steel, these cabinets will not disappoint.

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Garage Cabinets

For most homes, the garage is simple storage space. Aside from cars, it's used to store things like holiday decorations, kids toys, and gardening tools. These aren't necessarily heavy items, but bulky things that are nice to have if they are easily accessible. For these types of garages, we suggest going with a thick wood based cabinet that has a heavy laminate. These are great looking cabinets coming in a wide array of colors that are relatively inexpensive. It's very common to line an entire wall with tall wood cabinets, lockers with shelving inside, giving you a huge amount of new storage space with doors to close and hide everything away.

For the handyman, they usually want something a bit sturdier for their garage because of the heavy tools and equipment they tend to collect. A metal cabinet that can support the weight of multiple power tools, even with cabinets that are mounted to the wall overhead. There are three types of metals typically used in garage cabinets: aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Aluminum is a great metal to use in garage cabinets because it doesn't rust or corrode. We carry a few different cabinet lines made from aluminum that vary greatly in cost. The most cost effective way to have aluminum cabinets in your garage is to have them built from diamond plate. Diamond plate is made from aluminum with a raised tread pattern and polished to a shiny finish. These cabinets are made here in the USA. They are fully welded aluminum diamond plate, and a great value for a cabinet built to last. Their sparkle also adds a great touch to any dark garage.

The other option for aluminum cabinets is at the other end of the price spectrum. They are also the nicest garage cabinets that money can buy. Used by many race teams in their shops and trailers, these cabinets are made to take a beating. The units are built as one giant piece, manufactured by some of the most high tech equipment available in the United States. If you'd like, we can even generate computer aided drawings of these cabinets in your garage so that you can see exactly how they'll lay out before they're built. Everything can be custom done with these cabinets, even right down to matching their powder coat color to your car. If you have a real shop, laboratory, or just want to have the best garage cabinets money can buy, these are them. Give us a call at 800-736-9308 if you'd like a free computer aided drawing of your space with these cabinets. These are built in tool boxes for your home or shop that will last forever.

Steel is stronger than aluminum so it also makes a great material for garage cabinets. We offer a few different cabinet lines made from steel. Most come with a power coated finish to prevent any rust. Powder coat is stronger than paint. It is applied to the steel electrostatically so that it is even across the entire surface of the cabinet, inside and out. Then the powder coat it baked on in giant ovens. This produces a finish on the cabinet that is much stronger than paint. Unless you really scratch deeply into the powder coat to expose the steel, powder coat will keep your steel cabinets rust free.

The most cost effective steel cabinet we have come in a powder coated silver or gray finish. These cabinets come with many different size options so that you can have the exact configuration you want in your garage. The kits we offer in this lineup can be re-arranged almost any way you'd like, often people purchase a full kit, add many in a few more cabinets, then fit them best to their space. We also have guys on staff here that can help you with re-arranging these cabinets to best fit in your garage or shop, just give us a call at 800-736-9308

For the steel cabinets that suit most guys needs, we recommend fully welded cabinets with piano hinges, heavy duty casters and bumpers, and ball bearing slide drawers. Made in the USA, these cabinets are built to be permanently mounted in your garage and improve your property value overnight. All of these cabinets feature a black steel powder coated back with your choice of colors in doors: red, sandstone, black, or stainless steel. These cabinets come in two different wall mounted sizes, two different locker configurations, and two different base cabinet configurations. These are very large very heavy cabinets that add an enormous amount of space to your garage because they really can take the weight of most objects that are usually stored on the ground. With the matching butcher board workbench for the base cabinets to roll under, this is the lineup for the handyman who likes a clean garage.

Stainless steel is an incredible metal, and it's reflected in the price. The proper stainless steel will not rust and is very strong. We do offer some solid stainless steel cabinets, and they are built to outlast our grandchildren, but they are usually too industrial for most applications. If you need a full stainless steel cabinet it's often in areas that are constantly in contact with water like cleaning stations.

For a less expensive options we have polished stainless steel cabinets that incorporate an aluminum frame. This gives you the look and durability of polish stainless steel, with the same anti-corrosive properties of aluminum, at a reasonable cost for some incredible looking cabinets. The polished stainless steel gives you a mirrored finish like no other metal, and lining your garage with these cabinets creates an instant showroom.

If you want the look of the stainless steel, but not the cost, we also offer powder coated steel backed cabinets with stainless steel doors. These cabinets are mentioned above, the cost effective steel and gray powder coated cabinets also have the option of a stainless steel door. The steel cabinets with the red, sandstone, and black doors also have a stainless steel door option.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to putting cabinets in your garage. It's honestly best to give us a call right here in Chicago at 800-736-9308. We're a bunch of car guys who have set up thousands of garages all over the world and can help you set up your garage no matter what your budget or expectations.

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