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Workbenches can be custom built to fit your work area. We have shops located in the USA building quality workbenches strong enough to hold the weight of your entire car. If you need a workbench at a specific height, depth, or need the workbench to support a specific weight, we can build the workbenches that you need, just give us a call at 800-736-9308

Anyone who works on projects knows that a workbench is just part of the tools you need. If you're working on electronics, you usually want some type of surface like wood or anti-static plastic on top of the workbench so you don't shock yourself as you're wiring up a project. If you're a welder, you know that wood or plastic on your workbench is going to start on fire. You need a heavy gauge steel workbench that can be cleaned up with a wire wheel after you've finished your welding. You may do your own brake jobs in your garage, so your workbench needs to be able to withstand harsh chemicals like brake cleaners which would ruin a butcher board counter top.

Some of our workbenches come with leveling feet which allow you to individually adjust the height of each workbench leg to compensate for floors that may not be level. Other workbenches come on casters so you can wheel the workbench around the garage. We even carry some workbenches with legs that allow you to adjust the height of the workbench up to ten inches up or down depending on the project your working on, or the person who's working on the project.

Workbenches may come with a lower shelf. Depending on the workbench, the shelf may be designed not to interfere with a shop stool placed under the workbench, but if you do plan to place a stool under the workbench keep the lower shelving in mind. Other workbenches may come with steel drawers allowing you to store your tools right within the workbench for convenience. Our double wide workbenches make for a great way to fill up a wall space making a usable work shop.

Our stainless steel workbenches are great not only in a garage where they resist rust and corrosion, but they are also seen in many kitchens. The stainless steel workbenches have options for bottom stainless steel shelving, or frame structures that are both open for a shop stool or H framed for added stability. We can even put these stainless steel workbenches on casters so you can move the workbench to your projects.

If you don't find the workbench you need from our selection, we can also make custom workbenches in any size with any specifications. We've done many custom workbenches in schools, hospitals, and for the military. If you need a custom workbench, or have any questions on which workbench will work best for you, give us a call at 800-736-9308
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