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About Us

I started Car Guy Garage to provide products and ideas so that you can make your garage into an enjoyable place to work on your projects and have friends over. I'm from Chicago, and I’ve spent countless hours in garages. If you’re a car guy working on a project in your garage in my neighborhood, you leave the garage door open. It’s how you welcome your friends over to hang out. To me, garages are a lot more than just a place to park your car, and I enjoy helping people transform their garages into a fun place to work and play.

I started Car Guy Garage, Inc. back in 2006, so I’ve been around the block a few times now. To relate the company in car guy terms, the company started out as a junkyard built 8 second street car from some computer geek who no one had ever heard of before. Over the years I’ve broken some parts, upgraded others, and I'm still learning how to drive this thing. Car Guy Garage has always been a family business, so no matter what happens with the company, there’s a lot of heart involved. And we really are car guys!

We work with a lot of different manufacturers. Many of them are also small family businesses in the US that we’ve been working with for many years. You’ll see a lot of items on our web site you won’t see anywhere else. We also do a lot of custom work. Customers send us everything from their house blueprints to crayon on a cocktail napkin from a dream they had the previous night. I do the 3D renderings here and turn those ideas into full blown pictures and videos so you can virtually walk through your garage outfitted with anything from custom cabinets to car lifts to wet bars made out of diamond plate aluminum. Over the years we’ve had requests to build almost everything. If you need some custom fabrication done, we know our shops’ capabilities and can make anything happen. Give us a call.

I’m Jim, and as a small business owner you'll find me involved in every aspect of the company. If you give us a call, there's a good chance you'll be talking to me on the phone too. I hope you enjoy our website. I highly recommend browsing our customer photo gallery for ideas. I hope you join our email list so we can stay in contact. And if you have any questions, please just give us a call. Thanks for stopping by!