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Garage lighting is often overlooked by many people. All too often, we see poorly lit garages and workspaces, but it’s incredibly important to have exceptional lighting when it comes to working on your vehicle, motorcycle, or any work that needs to be done. 

We have all struggled to find tools, nuts, bolts, or other small items due to poor lighting, have struggled to see while doing a task that requires fine precision work or when working with small parts and pieces.

To properly Illuminate your garage and workspace, lighting needs to be evenly spread out. All too often, we see residential garages with one high bay light located at the center of the ceiling, providing lighting at the direct center of the garage, while the rest remains dimly lit. 

We carry a variety of lighting solutions here at Car Guy Garage, with LED light options that range from rail spotlights, task lighting, and cordless LED lighting options.

LED lighting 

LED lighting is now the preferred light option for many garages. LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting like incandescent bulbs as well. LED lights are incredibly cost-efficient, saving you money on your utilities; they also allow you to use more lighting while stay maintaining a low cost. To further decrease costs, LED lights to last over twice as long as your standard incandescent bulb, meaning you buy and replace bulbs considerably less. 

LED lighting is also much cooler than incandescent lighting, and not just aesthetically speaking, LED lights are cool to the touch with no need to worry about burning your fingers. When you switch to LED lighting and see the benefits and effectiveness, you will likely never go back to incandescent lighting again. 

Comparing LED Lumen and wattage levels to Incandescent Lighting

The differences in lumen levels and watts needed are drastically different between LED  lighting and traditional incandescent lighting. Below you can see these differences in brightness and efficiency. 

  Lumens (Brightness)  

  LED watts  

  Incandescent watts  


4 W

25 W


6 W

40 W


10 W

60 W


13 W

75 W


18 W

100 W

Task Lighting

LED lighting for task lights has taken prominence over the traditional incandescent caged bulbs of the past. The LED task lights are available in both corded and cordless, with corded models coming with retractable reels allowing users to hang from their ceiling or way without tangled cords or trip hazards, while the newest cordless LED lighting can operate for 5 to 10 hours depending on the model before requiring any recharging. 

Decoration Lighting

When you have your garage lit properly, you can start looking into getting some stylish lighting as well. We offer several decorative lighting designs that work great for bar areas, poker tables, or other places where you and your buddies can relax and crack open a cold one. 

Some lighting, such as the LED hexagonal garage lighting we offer, serve both tasks by providing exceptional lighting that covers the entirety of your garage or shop, along with having an aesthetic that is sure to be a topic of conversation to anyone standing beneath them.