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13 Oct Custom Shop Cabinets
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If you have been considering an upgrade to your workspace with custom metal cabinets, we can solve all of your needs and requests. You might not be sure what you are looking for exactly, but let us help. We will work with you and create your vision, ..
30 Aug Epoxy Garage Flooring Frequently Asked Questions
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Is epoxy floor cheap? Is epoxy floor expensive? What does epoxy floor cost?Is epoxy floor coating waterproof?Are epoxy floors slippery?How long for epoxy floor to dry?How to apply epoxy floor paint?How long will epoxy floor last? How long will epoxy ..
30 Aug Pegboard Frequently Asked Questions
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Will pegboard hooks work on slatwall?Will pegboard hold guns?How thick are pegboard furring strips?How big are pegboard holes? What size are pegboard holes?What are pegboards made of?What are pegboard hooks?How are pegboard hooks measured?What are pe..
29 Aug Garage Cabinets Frequently Asked Questions
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Why are garage cabinets off the floor?How much are garage cabinets? How much do garage cabinets cost?How deep are garage cabinets?How tall are garage cabinets?How to install garage cabinets? How to install garage cabinets off the floor?  How to hang ..
21 Apr Butcher Board Countertops and Workbenches
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Butcher block countertops are often used in garages. They make great work surfaces when you want something strong and durable, and they can be easily refinished years later to freshen them up. Metal work surfaces are great when you use chemicals ofte..
05 Apr Car Lifts : Where to start when you want a car lift in your garage
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Every car guy wants at least one automobile lift in their garage. There are different types of lifts for different applications though. Let’s go over a few things about car lifts so you have a better understanding of what lift may suit you best. We c..
29 Feb Why you should use solvent based epoxy for your garage floor and how to properly apply it
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The best option for your garage floor is using an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is not paint. It actually comes as two different chemicals that you mix together. Once they are mixed, a chemical reaction takes places which hardens the epoxy. There are ma..
18 Feb Garage Cabinet Information : Costs, Materials, Construction, Shipping and Styles
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Your garage is a place specifically made for storage. Garage cabinets serve the same function as your kitchen cabinets. They allow you to store and organize your tools, hardware, and hobbies. But garage cabinets are sturdier than kitchen cabinets bec..
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