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Garage Door Threshold

Thresholds for garage doors create an additional barrier to the elements. The garage door threshold will create a tighter seal between the garage door and the floor. The threshold also creates a raised ridge to prevent water from running into your garage and will help from wind blown leaves and dirt from sliding into your garage.

Garage door thresholds come in different materials ranging from rubber to metals like aluminum. Rubber garage door thresholds are great for most homes where foot traffic over the threshold is minimal. The rubber threshold can be glued to the garage floor positioned under the garage door for an easy install. Aluminum garage door thresholds are made for more industrial areas, or homes where there may be a lot of traffic in and out of the garage. Aluminum thresholds will hold up to your car, bikes, and lawnmowers rolling on it for years. The aluminum garage door thresholds can be screwed into the concrete to prevent it from moving.

Whatever size garage you have, we have a garage door threshold that will fit your garage. From inexpensive rubber thresholds that are easy to install and last for years to industrial aluminum thresholds that can handle business traffic and forklifts, we've got the garage door threshold for you.
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