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Garage Cabinets

We carry many different lines of cabinets, many of which you won't see anywhere else but on Car Guy Garage. We've been selling cabinets for over 15 years, and we still have customers happy with the cabinets they bought from us over 15 years ago. We sell quality cabinets, many made in the USA, for guys who enjoy their garages. We can do free 3D renderings of your garage to place the cabinets as you'd like them on the computer before you buy them. We want to make your garage into a functioning space that you'll also enjoy. Give us a call at 800-736-9308

Custom Aluminum Cabinets

Custom Aluminum Cabinets

These are the top of the line when it comes to cabinetry that is ideal for professional shops, race teams, and luxury homes. These cabinets are custom made in the USA after they are ordered and can be tailored to your exact specifications. The image gallery shows examples of cabinet sets made for our customers. Let us know what you are looking for. We can draw 3D renderings of your space and build custom layouts virtually to get everything perfect before you make your purchase. For more information on the 3D rendering process visit this page.

These cabinets have an extruded aluminum frame and double walled aluminum doors for strength and rigidity. Aluminum won't rust or rot like other materials. It is lightweight, and pound-for-pound stronger than most steel alloys. The aluminum is powder coated, not painted, and you can choose from 10 standard powder coat colors that shine like a show quality paint job. Custom colors are also available if you’d like to match your race team colors or the color of your car.

Drawers in this cabinet line are made for abuse. Each drawer has a 250lb rating with ball bearing slides that open and close effortlessly. The handles for the drawers are made from extruded aluminum with a system that unlatches the drawer as the handle is pulled. Closing the drawer also automatically latches it closed.

Options for this cabinet line include:

  • LED puck lighting built into the bottom of the upper wall cabinets
  • Radius panels to finish off the sides of the cabinets
  • Toe-kicks with hidden adjustable feet which makes them easy to install on any slope
  • Fully sealed countertops with a 2.25" backsplash are available in stainless steel, laminate, or butcher block.
  • Adjustable shelving to match your storage needs
  • Overhead cabinet doors can swing upward using gas shocks to hold them up out of the way
  • Drawer inserts with trays or adjustable separators to store anything from small parts to large tools
  • Removable closet rods to store clothing
  • Locks for the drawers

Custom aluminum cabinets transform any environment into the ultimate storage showcase. Get in touch with us to start building your custom set.

Custom Aluminum Cabinets

Modular Cabinets

The modular laminated composite cabinets are the perfect option for homeowners looking to maximize storage space within a budget. You can choose the color: red, black, white, silver, or grey. These cabinets are sold in sets for the best value. You can see some examples of different sets that feature individual units for wall cabinets, large closets, and base cabinets with either doors or drawers in the image gallery.

The cabinets feature a thermal fused PVC laminate coating for durability and looks. The doors and drawer fronts have a glossy finish with a metallic flake similar to a luxury automobile. The interior, sides, and backs of the cabinets are finished in a charcoal grey which looks great with minimal maintenance.

Industrial strength 1-inch thick shelves with a 200lb load rating, 3/4" thick brushed stainless steel handles, soft-close door hinges, and oversized aluminum leveling feet are just a few features that make these cabinets ideal for the garage. This is the latest version of these garage cabinets which has evolved from 15 years of product development.

If you're looking for budget-friendly sturdy storage with a sleek design, these cabinets are for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you pull your car into your garage, rain or snow may be on the car. That water can puddle up on the floor of the garage, so by having your cabinets raised off the floor you won't accumulate that water inside the cabinet.  Garage cabinets are also often off the floor so they are easier to clean under. If the cabinets are on legs, you can sweep under them. If they are on caster wheels, you can roll them out, hose out the area, and roll them back. When the cabinets are on legs, or have a toe kick, they usually also have leveling feet under them so you can adjust the cabinets to line up evenly with the turn of a screw. 

As with anything, the cost of garage cabinets will vary depending on the materials used and the construction. Also keep in mind shipping costs can add up, especially when the cabinets are pre-assembled so we're basically shipping you a box of air. If you're looking for inexpensive cabinets, you'll want to look at options in MDF. If you're looking for top of the line cabinets, you'll want powder coated aluminum. If you want strong cabinets at a reasonable price you'll want to look at steel. As with kitchen cabinets, or buying a car, the costs of the cabinets will vary greatly, so it's best to have a budget in mind before you start shopping for them.
Although there is no standard depth, typically garage cabinets are around 20 inches deep for base cabinets or a garage closest and 15 inches for an upper cabinet that would hang from the wall. The depth will vary on the cabinet line, and custom sizes can be made.
Although there is no standard height, typically garage cabinets that are on the floor with their tops used as a work surface are around 35 inches tall. Closet type cabinets are typically around 80 inches tall. Wall hung garage cabinets are usually around 24 inches tall. This will vary depending on the cabinet manufacturer, and custom sizes can also be made.
Although each cabinet line may have their own way of being installed, there are some general suggestions with installing garage cabinets. It's usually easiest to fix horizontal boards to the wall, like 2x4's, and attach the cabinets to the boards. How the horizontal boards are attached to the wall will depend on the type of material the wall is made from, but once the boards are attached, you will know that you have a solid place to screw the cabinet to the wall.  Most cabinets that sit on the ground do not need any support from a wall. Tall closet cabinets that are loaded top heavy, or base cabinets that have long extending drawers, may become tippy so fixing them to a wall will prevent them from tipping over. Obviously suspended wall cabinets are secured to the wall. Once the horizontal boards are attached to the wall, you won't have to worry about lining up screw holes with studs or having issues with concrete anchors grabbing, it'll just be a matter of screwing the cabinets to the wood boards.
The best garage cabinets are made from powder coated aluminum. They are the equivalent of built in tool boxes that become a permanent fixture in your home or shop. 
We carry many different lines of garage cabinets from different manufacturers. This allows us to put you into the garage cabinet line that best suits your needs. We have been selling garage cabinets since 2006 and are very familiar with the different cabinets, their construction, and the manufacturers. We're not trying to sell you on a specific brand of cabinets, we have many different ones to choose from, and often make custom cabinets for our customers.
We carry an inexpensive yet very durable line of garage cabinets made from MDF with a thermal fused laminate. These are much stronger than a kitchen cabinet, but less expensive than a metal cabinet. We have done our research, and cabinets that are less expensive than this line are not built with the intention of being used in a garage. There are also some metal cabinets being sold that take a nice picture, but they are so thin they feel almost like aluminum foil. So keep in mind what you're trying to achieve and invest in your home wisely.
To avoid injury, start with putting the heavy objects on the bottom shelves and in the bottom drawers of your cabinets. This will both make the cabinet more stable, less likely to tip over, and avoid strain on yourself when you need to retrieve the object. Think about where you are most likely to use the objects you are storing. Car cleaning supplies are usually stored by the garage door, since you are most likely to pull your car into the driveway and walk into the garage to grab the cleaning supplies as you need them to clean the car. Objects you use less frequently, like camping tents and sleeping bags, are usually stored on the top shelves in the hardest to access places in your garage since you will be able to plan ahead before you need to access them. Tools are usually stored in an easy access area, so when you need a screwdriver you don't have to pull your car out of the garage to get one. Take a good look at what you're currently storing in your garage, and think of when you need it, then plan your garage organization accordingly.