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LTL Truck Freight Deliveries

If you're ordering a large item from us, it will most likely be shipped with an LTL Freight Carrier. LTL stands for less than load, meaning you won't be the only delivery on the truck. Although most shipments are delivered without any problems, it is important to understand how to receive the shipment. Typically the truck drivers have many deliveries to make and are in a rush to get to their next delivery. Reading the following information prepares you for most situations. If you have any questions please call us at 800-736-9308


The trucking company is not part of Car Guy Garage, Inc. and has been contracted to deliver the items to you. When the shipment arrives, the trucking company will have a contract for you to sign that releases the trucking company from being responsible for the shipment. Do not sign this contract until you inspect the shipment. This inspection is necessary in order to make sure the items were not damaged in transit. This is an important step in the process because if the contract is signed by you and damage to the item is discovered after the truck leaves, we cannot process a damage claim with the trucking company.


The tracking number may be able to be tracked on the freight company’s website, showing the shipment’s progress and a possible delivery date. Unless the freight company has called you to make an appointment, do not trust that the delivery date on their website is correct. It is best to call the freight company and reference the tracking number to ensure the delivery date is accurate. Typically appointment time windows for residential deliveries are arranged once the shipment has reached the shipping terminal closest to your address.


If the delivery is going to a commercial address, typically the freight company will not arrange a delivery appointment and instead will make the delivery during normal business hours. Please make your receiving department aware of the delivery and that it is necessary to inspect the items for possible damage upon delivery, before signing for it as noted below.


The delivery is contracted to be left at the curb in front of your house. There will be one driver on the truck, and he is not required to bring the items up to your door or into your home. Therefore we recommend having at least two people present at the time of the delivery.


Be prepared for the delivery by having a tool, like a box cutter to open the packaging, and your cell phone camera ready when the shipment arrives. Wait until the shipment has been offloaded from the truck before signing any paperwork because it can be damaged during offloading. Inspect the shipment for any damage. If the item appears undamaged, go ahead and sign the contract.


If there is visible damage to the packaging, take photos showing the damage while the item is still on the truck or with the truck visible in the photos. It is important to show that the damage did not occur after the truck left.

The damage may only be to the outside packaging. Open the packaging and inspect the product inside. If there is no damage aside from the outside packaging, still sign for the delivery as damaged. Each freight company has different paperwork, but there should be a place to check off and explain the damage on the paperwork. If there is not, clearly write over the contract the word DAMAGED and note the damage. Take a photo of the signed contract. 

If the actual product was damaged by the shipper, photos are an important part in how we resolve the situation. The next steps depend upon what type of item you purchased and how severe the damage may be.


If the damage is minor, we may be able to send replacement parts for some items like a replacement neon tube or a tire rack support bar. Sometimes the damage is on the bottom of an item or in a location that can be hidden. Take photos of the damage with the delivery truck in the background showing that the item was not damaged after the truck left. Each freight company has different paperwork, but there should be a place to check off and explain the damage on the paperwork. If there is not, clearly write over the contract the word DAMAGED and note what was damaged. Take a photo of the signed contract and email all of the photos you took to


For large assembled items like aluminum cabinets, or a butcher board countertop, it may not be possible to send a replacement part. In this case, if the damage is beyond something you can live with, it is best to refuse the shipment. You do this by telling the driver that you are not signing the contract and that you refuse the delivery. If possible, please take photos of the damaged shipment and send them to

If there are multiple items in the shipment, you may be able to accept a partial delivery, keeping the items that are not damaged. It is important not to accept an item that has major damage. If the driver does not allow for a partial delivery, refuse the entire shipment. If you are able to accept a partial delivery, take photos of the damaged item you are not accepting, check off the paperwork as a partial delivery, noting what is being refused and what is being accepted, and sign the paperwork. Take a photo of the signed contract and email the photos you took to

If you have any questions about your truck freight shipment, please call us at 800-736-9308.