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Shop Stools

Shop stools are an important part of a garage, hospitals, schools and laboratories because if you can't sit down, how can you work on something all day? We carry a wide array of shop stools from inexpensive shop stools that are great for entertaining to cushioned shop stools that will make sure you're orthopedics correct.

Our lineup of three legged shop stools in aluminum or stainless steel are a perfect solution for most garages and shops. These are high quality shop stools are made in the USA at an affordable price. Because they come in either aluminum or stainless steel they are resistant to rusting or corrosion and will give you years of use.

We also carry shop stools on casters that allow you to roll around your shop as you're working. Depending on what you're working on, and how many times you get up and sit back down throughout your projects, you may or may not want to have a backrest on your shop stool. A backrest can add comfort to projects where you're able to lean back, but if you're up and down all day they can get in the way. Some of our shop stools are also adjustable vertically so that you can be comfortable at whatever height you need to be at.

A car guys stool needs to be strong and sturdy for the long projects ahead. Check out our shop stool lineup that combines comfort with functionality for the ultimate in garage seating. From industrial and workbench grade stools to chrome rim replica stools we've got it covered.