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Car Dollies

Having a garage that you can't use because of a vehicle in the way happens to many people. Car dollies help by making that vehicle easier to move around, making using your garage storage area easier.

Car dollies are broken down into two different styles, standard and pump.

The standard car dollies are heavy duty units. They carry a heavier load then the pump style units. They have a built in body that doesn't move. The tires sit on top of the body of the dolly. This does require a jack to lift the vehicle and put the dollies underneath the wheels.

Standard car dollies also come in two different materials, steel or aluminum. The steel ones are more heavy duty and can take a little bit more weight then the aluminum. The aluminum ones can hold almost as much weight, and are lighter. They can be more easily manipulated then the steel units.

The pump style you don't need to jack the car up to put it on top of the dollies. The dolly itself has a hydraulic jack that pulls the rollers together on either side of the tire to lift the vehicle off the ground. This makes it much easier to use then the standard units.

Both styles are high quality pieces and accomplish the same objective. Everything really depends upon the casters used in the dollies, and all the ones we carry have great casters. That project vehicle you have sitting in the middle of the garage can now be moved around, allowing for more free space for other vehicles, and then can be easily moved back to resume working on the vehicle.
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