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Exhaust Hose

When working on any sort of vehicle, eventually you come to the point where you will need to start the vehicle in doors. If it is because it is freezing out and you want the doors closed and the heat in, or just because it is late and you don't want to wake up the neighbors. Getting some exhaust hose will make it possible to do everything you need, while not dying of asphyxiation.

For a normal garage, a simple exhaust hose run from the tail pipe out under the garage door will work well, for someone doing more extreme work, perhaps on multiple vehicles, we carry larger ventilators that will suck the exhaust fumes out of the area. Those fumes are then sent down a long hose to where ever you would like the tube to come out of.

If you are working on multiple vehicles in your garage, we carry everything you would require to build a multi-car setup. All the connections, valves, adapters and flapper. These can be seen in garages across the country. Some garages even mount their setups in the ceilings to keep them out of the way of the garage storage areas.
4.5" Straight Tailpipe Adapter Fits 3.5" and 4" Hose
Made in the USA