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Lightweight Exhaust Telescoping Kit

Lightweight Exhaust Telescoping Kit
Made in the USA
Lightweight Exhaust Telescoping Kit
  • Est delivery : May 27 - Jun 3
  • Model: 80046

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Extends from 7' to 16'9" and is only 19 lbs.

An out-of-the-box solution for your basic overhead system needs. It works on all gas vehicles because you can change out the stock adapter (included) for any of our other 3" threading adapters or for a Y assembly in dual exhaust applications. It comes fully assembled and installs in minutes to a 5" duct. Use a quality reducer adapter if you have a different size. There are hooks on the adapter that allow it to be stored as each of the three lengths of hose collapse into each other. The hooks rest inside holes on the metal flange at the base of the 6" diameter section.

A) Duct connector designed for a 5" "T" or stub. Extend "T" or stub to increase length of unit.

B) 6" I.D. X 5' 6" high-temp fabric and wire hose.

C) 4 1/2" I.D. x 5' 6" Crushproof 600F Garage Exhaust Hose.

D) 3" I.D. x 5' 6" Crushproof 600F Garage Exhaust Hose.

E) RA300 Universal Adapter. Comes with three locking snaps that allow unit to be shut off. Will not damage any vehicle and is 100% Crushproof.

F) Hooks above RA300 hold unit up through holes in a metal ring at the base of the 6” section.

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