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Working in your garage, people tend to loose track of time. Usually there isn't any reason to keep track of the time in the garage, but sometimes you do have to look at the time. And when you do, do you want to look at something boring and utilitarian, or something cool and gives you a smile when you look at it?

We carry a large line of garage clocks that can fit anyone's personal preference. The lineup is as wide and varying as the cars that people work on. We have Dodge wall clocks, Corvette suspension disk brake desk clocks and a little bit of everything in between.

Some of the clocks have thermometers and humidity gauges built right into the clock. This information can come in handy when working on a car and needing the temperature or humidity to be within a certain range to do the work.

The clocks are all made out high quality materials for your garage or desk. Each clock is battery operated and is kept in sync with a quartz element. These clocks will not waiver from the correct time.
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