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Floor Mats

Why use garage floor mats?

Garage floor mats make it easier to keep your garage clean. The mat catches the dirt and water from your car. Mats come in many different materials which are designed to be easy to clean. So instead of the dirt and water from your car going everywhere in your garage, it’s captured on an easy to clean garage floor mat.

How to install garage floor mats?

Many garage floor mats are just rolled out onto the floor like a carpet. Some mats which are designed to capture water have a raised edge. For these types of mats, you would roll out the vinyl mat, place the tubing under the vinyl mat around the edge, and snap the top trim pieces down over the mat and tubing. This holds the edges of the mat up trapping any water inside.

How to clean garage floor mats?

Garage floor mats can be cleaned with soap and water and sprayed down with a garden hose. Some mats, like the fabric one, can be vacuumed or machine washed and dried. For stubborn oil stains, degreasers can be used, but check the manufacturer's instructions on the degreaser.

Are garage mats worth it?

Yes. They make it easier to keep your garage clean by trapping the dirt and water from your car. It’s the same reason why you have a mat for your shoes but on a bigger scale to fit your car. When your car is wet and dirty, the debris falls onto the mat and stays there. When it’s time to clean the mat, it can be moved outside of the garage to get the dirt off of it. 

What is the best garage floor mat?

The best floor mat depends on the individual, their roads, and the weather. First you want a mat that is easy for you to clean. If you have a vacuum in your garage and easy access to a large washing machine, you may like the fabric style of mats. If you drive on dirt roads or live in an area with snow, you may like the mats that have a raised outer edge designed to trap large amounts of mud and water. If your vehicle has a slight leak, you may like the mats that are designed to withstand a variety of different chemicals. There are many different types of garage floor mats because the best for one person may not suit another as well.

What is the benefit to using floor mats?

The benefit of floor mats is to concentrate dirt and water on a material that is easy to clean. Instead of the dirt and water going everywhere, it gets trapped in a location that you’ll be able to hose off, or shake out, and put back. It saves you time and creates a more enjoyable environment.

How do I protect my garage floor from oil? 

A garage floor mat will protect your concrete floor from oil. 

Garage Floor Mat Information

When parking your vehicle in a garage, no matter how hard you try, the tires will always bring something in with them and get the floor dirty. You can help keep your garage floors clean by putting down a garage mat to keep the mud and water off of the ground, making it easier to clean up.

There are four different styles of garage mats, each with a different thickness and style.

The first set of mats are gray and are 20 mil's thick. That is about the same depth as a penny lying on the ground. This setup uses plastic clip on borders to keep the mat nice and flat, and allow a vehicle to drive onto the mat. With the mat being made out of heavy duty vinyl, it can hold all the mud and water, preventing it from touching the floor.

The second mat style is 50 mil's thick. If you were to lay a nickle on the ground, that is about the same thickness. These mats use the same style of plastic clip on borders as the style above. The heavier duty vinyl and plastic borders allow any vehicle to be placed upon it, drip all the mud and water off. This mat is a bit thicker then the previous mat, giving it a firmer feel.

With the third option, you do not have the plastic clip on boarders. These mats are a one piece, roll out floor mat. The mat is 80 mil's thick, so a bit more then a penny and a nickle stacked on top of each other. These mats are even UV resistant for use in outdoor situations. This is just like the others in the fact that they are resistant to chemicals, but not impervious. Mud and water will not harm this mat, but some acids and harsher chemicals can.

No matter what mat you get, the result will be the same, the mud and water tracked into the garage will stay off the floor, making sure that you garage floor stays cleaner for longer.

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