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Strapless Bluetooth Seatbelt

Strapless Bluetooth Seatbelt
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In these times of COVID-19, no one likes to touch anything, especially something that others have touched before them. Seatbelts are an often overlooked germ Petri dish. Seatbelt straps are snugly put across every person in your vehicle, easily transmitting COVID-19 germs. Seatbelts are never washed or sanitized, allowing for germs and bacteria to fester in the strap material. We understand seatbelt straps are supposed to save your life from flying through the windshield, but what about the germs flying off your seatbelt strap and into you! Worry no more! Introducing the new strapless Bluetooth seatbelt! Plug this into your seatbelt and never worry about the germ-infested strap again. Through the magic of Bluetooth, you will be held in place in your chair without the need for the seatbelt strap!

  • Batteries not included
  • Replaces all standard seat belt straps
  • Extended length option available for quarantine 15 scenarios
  • Operates off Bluetooth technology
  • Bluetooth belt scans for all children and pre-teen device users and securely locks them in place within seconds of entering the vehicle
  • Outer layer of the strap includes a protective foil shield to safeguard the wearer against 5G towers
  • Drone delivery available in most areas
  • Patent pending

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