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Car Wash Supplies

To make a car stay looking good and clean, you need to have proper maintenance to the interior as well as the exterior. A quick wash with some dish soap can actually harm the exterior of the car by taking protective chemicals off with its harsh detergents. Car Guy Garage carries a wide variety of vehicle supplies that are made to protect you car, making it look as good as new for as long as you maintain the car.

The Car Wash Soap is industrial grade, made to work with all sorts of finishes without any issues. These heavy duty vehicle soaps are pH balanced and designed to clean your car while protecting its finish without leaving water marks. There are different grades of wash, from just a wash and wax, to professional level cleaners. There assortment is there for all levels of cleaning power.

Give your vehicle that better than new car shine! Make sure the car is properly waxed up, protecting that paint. With the Carnauba Wax, it is a pre-softened paste that when used will give a wet look to the car. Highly recommended for darker cars. The hardest and best known wax derived from a special Brazilian tree. The wax uses the finest grade of Carnauba. A good alternative is the Cherry Wax that will also give a nice "wet look" and a deep gloss protection on all paints while helping to protect the paint surface from fall-out and sunlight. Also smells like Cherries. You have a few options available to keep that paint looking like new.

Cleaning your car doesn't just mean keeping the exterior nice and shiney, you need to make sure you get the dust out of the interior as well. The vacuum is your friend for the interior, and our lineup has something for everyone. Our wall mounted units allow the unit to be out of the way, for a clean and contemporary look, while the more traditional car vacuums allow for quick work of the dirt and dust in the interior of your car.

The easiest way to remove the dirt and grime off your vehicle is to blast it off. We've got the best power washers around for the garage or car wash. The heavy duty construction and the quality pumps allow for the units to last an extremely long time without any issues. They are built to be used in industrial applications, so in your garage they should work for all sorts of grime. We carry more then just the pressure washers though, we carry the accessories that work with it, giving it more options then just blasting water out of the nozzle. You can attach a brush heads to help get off the really tough grime, or a sandblaster attachment to help get paint and rust off a surface.

Make sure that your vehicle has the best care possible, wash it when it is dirty, dry it when it is wet and get those dust bunnies under the front seat. If you keep it up, the car will look new for years to come.