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Farmall Genuine Parts Oval Neon Sign

Farmall Genuine Parts Oval Neon Sign
Farmall Genuine Parts Oval Neon Sign
  • Est delivery : Jun 28 - Jul 4
  • Model: 77002

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Farmall was a well-known brand of farm machinery and equipment, with a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable products. The company operated a network of dealerships throughout the United States, where farmers and ranchers could purchase tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery. In addition to selling new equipment, Farmall dealerships also offered a wide range of genuine parts and accessories, helping farmers to keep their machinery in top working condition.

This neon sign featuring the Farmall logo and the words "Genuine Parts" is a unique and eye-catching addition to any room. The sign is made with hand blown glass tubes that are carefully crafted to create a bright and vibrant display. The neon tubes are illuminated by electricity, and the sign operates at 120 volts, making it suitable for indoor use.

The sign measures 29 inches wide by 20 inches tall and is 4 inches deep, making it a striking and impressive addition to any wall. The Farmall logo is prominently displayed in the center of the sign, surrounded by the words "Genuine Parts." The sign is sure to be a conversation piece and a must-have for anyone interested in farming or the history of agricultural machinery.

  • Dimensions: 29"w X 20"h X 4"d
  • 120 Volts AC
  • Indoor use only
  • Indoor Use Only

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