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Wash and Wax Concentrate - 5 gal

Wash and Wax Concentrate - 5 gal

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Wash and Wax is a rich, highly concentrated, thick liquid cleaning soap with wax. It produces a dense, stable foam that washes and waxes in one easy step, making it excellent for maintaining waxed vehicles while protecting the vehicle finish. This pH-balanced soap is also great for hand wash applications and rinses off easily to conserve water and reduce towel drying time. It leaves the vehicle with a glossy finish.

5-gallon size


  • Dilute 1 oz per gallon of water in a bucket and spray pressurized water to create a rich foam.
  • Use a wash mitt to wash the car.
  • Rinse off and dry with a soft cloth, microfiber towel, or chamois.
  • This product is best recommended for hand wash use.

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