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Carnauba Wax - 1 gal

Carnauba Wax - 1 gal

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Carnauba Wax - 1 Gallon

This Carnauba Wax is the ultimate liquid cream finishing wax. It is a pre-softened emulsified version of Carnauba Blue Paste Wax which brings out the wettest look on any painted surface. Stunning when used on solid dark colors by giving a deep warm glow as well as making particles sparkle on metallic paints. Contains a blend of the finest grade of white and yellow Brazilian Carnauba Palm waxes that are guaranteed to produce an award winning shine. The tight beading action of this Carnauba Wax makes the surface super hydrophobic to rain and other harmful environmental contaminants. Road grime, bugs, grease and dirt clean easily from this waxed coating and makes washing your car even easier. Can be applied by machine or hand. Wipes off easily leaving the surface extremely buttery slick. Try following up with Express Wax as an extra "icing on the cake" finish.


  • BY HAND: Apply thin layer of the Carnauba Wax to clean, cool surface with your choice of foam or cotton applicator pads. Lightly work onto panel in circular or back and forth motion. Allow to haze and buff off with a soft 100% cotton cloth or microfiber until you get a brilliant shine.
  • BY MACHINE: Apply 4 small drops to your Dual Action buffer equipped with a red finishing foam wax pad. Use medium speed to spread thinly over vehicle surface and allow to dry. Remove excess with a clean microfiber or cotton towel.
  • Pro Detailer Tip: If humid conditions are present, apply thinner layer of product and allow to dry slightly longer. Remove a small portion and check results. Use our Final Touch to help reduce inherent haze or cloudiness if needed.

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