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Orange Degreaser - Multipurpose / Multi-Surface Degreaser - 5 gal

Orange Degreaser is a great interior, and exterior, organic solvent cleaner. This safe, environmentally friendly product contains citrus oil to help remove the toughest stains, bumper stickers, grease, tar, gum, tree saps, and foul odors. It has powerful cleaning, rinsing, and degreasing abilities. Excellent cleaner for automotive and home use. This citrus based degreaser emulsifies and removes grease and grime by emulsifying the dirt. You can use it to clean whitewalls and trims too as it will eliminate oil and dry without a film residue.

Orange Degreaser - 5 Gallon size


  • For light duty, dilute 1:10 parts water and for "Pre-Spotting" stains, dilute 1:4.
  • After diluting in a OSHA Compliant Bottle, spray directly on to the surface and scrub with a Bristle Brush.
  • For leather interiors, dilute 1:10 parts water and use a Horse Hair Brush. Rinse well and wipe off as needed.

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