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Magic Blue Tire Dressing - 5 gal

Magic Blue Tire Dressing - 5 gal
Magic Blue Tire Dressing - 5 gal
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  • Model: 77749

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Magic Blue is a solvent based exterior dressing. This solvent based protectant is ready to shine any rubber, tire, trim, and molding. For your interior dressing and protectant we recommend our water based dressings, because you do not want to breath the solvents inside your vehicle. However, this Magic Blue will last longer on the exterior of your automobile. Most of the professional detailers prefer using this solvent based tire shine to maintain a longer lasting look. One of the unique properties of this protectant is that it dries to the touch and it easily eliminates finger prints from showing on the black metal moldings on your car. This feature also prevents from attracting dust because it does not leave a sticky surface. Formulated from non-aromatic solvents; it has a pleasant watermelon scent. It is also a VOC compliant solvent based dressing.

5 gallon size


  • This multi-use solvent dressing works on vinyl, trim, molding and tires.
  • Apply a small amount on an applicator and spread over the surface.
  • Wipe off excess with a towel.
  • On tires, allow to dry to avoid sling.

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