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Epoxy Paint Chips Dark Earth Tone Sparkle Blend

Epoxy Paint Chips Dark Earth Tone Sparkle Blend
Made in the USA
Epoxy Paint Chips Dark Earth Tone Sparkle Blend
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Dark Earth Tone Sparkle blend of epoxy chips is sold by the pound.

Choose 1 lb, 3 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs from the drop down menu to receive bulk pricing.

To calculate how much you need

  • Light Broadcast uses approximately 1 pound per 250 square feet
  • Medium Broadcast uses approximately 2 pounds per 250 square feet
  • Heavy Broadcast uses approximately 3-4 pounds per 250 square feet

When adding these chips to your wet epoxy, toss them in an upward motion.  This allows the chips to fall in a more even pattern.

We offer a wide range of epoxy paint chips. Choose from chip size, single colors, blends, black light sensitive neon, or metallic additive chips.

NOTE: Bulk pricing is available in 3 LB, 5 LB and 10 LB sizes for the single colors too.  

Decorative floor chips blends are 1/4" in size and come in 1 pound bags..

Pure metallic additive chips are made from a foil and are 1/4" in size. They come in 12 oz cans however they are sold by volume, not weight. They are designed to be added to existing blends.

Fluorescent chip colors glow under a black light and will make your floor stand out. Keep in mind that the glow-in-the-dark chips will not work when used with our epoxy kits due to the topcoat, which has a UV resistance and will block the chips from receiving the charge from the light.

To read more about the how to apply epoxy flooring, click here.

For instructions on applying solvent borne epoxy, click here

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