Garage Cabinets, Storage, Flooring, Workbenches and more at Car Guy Garage

Garage storage has evolved and now you can make the garage another room in your house. From garage cabinets, to garage lighting, and even storage ideas like attic lifts, we carry everything you need to make sure your garage storage is a functional space. Better yet we have a trained staff ready to answer questions about any of our products for garage storage. Our staff can also make custom garage cabinets and workbenches to fit your exact specifications, give us a call at 800-736-9308 with any questions.

We carry garage storage products from economically priced laminated wood garage cabinets to polished stainless steel cabinets for the ultimate clean room cabinets. Our wood cabinets are stronger than your kitchen cabinets, but not as expensive as steel cabinets. We carry a few different steel cabinets that not only are extremely strong, but these cabinets also have a baked on enamel finish for good looks and resistance to rusting. If you're looking for strong cabinets that will not rust, we also carry aluminum cabinets that can take a beating and will never rust or corrode. You may have seen our aluminum cabinets used by many race car teams. We can even build you custom aluminum cabinets and have them powder coated to match the color of your car. No matter what type of garage cabinets your looking for, we've got the option to match your storage needs and your pocketbook.

If you're looking for garage storage and think that you are out of space, take a look at some of our overhead garage storage. Our attic lift is a popular product for people who would like to take advantage of the space above their homes but don't want to break their backs hauling things up and down the attic stairs. The attic lift is like a small elevator for your boxes, you get a remote control that does the lifting for you! Also take a look at our overhead garage storage with a crank that raises and lowers the storage shelf, it's a great option for garage storage in a currently unused space.

Garage flooring has a few different options these days. If you're looking for a garage floor coating, our epoxy is the top of the line, and we've got all the epoxy floor preparation tools and materials you'll need. If you're looking for garage floor tile, we carry the top grade tiles that will last for years giving you a patterned floor without any headaches of the cheaper quality tiles. A garage never looks complete until you've finished the garage flooring.

And don't forget the garage lighting. From T8 florescent lighting to metal encased garage lighting, we can make sure your garage space is bright enough for you to enjoy. We even carry inter lockable garage lighting that allows you to easy expand or move your lights as you progress on projects in your garage.

Most people go into their garage at least twice a day, and too many people aren't taking advantage of one of the largest spaces in their homes. We carry all the options your need to make your garage storage a functional space. Give us a call at 800-736-9308 and talk to a car guy who will help you decide on the best garage storage for you.